The Surprise Proposal of Hemal & Gaby at Broomfield Park

We are excited to share the surprise proposal of Hemal and Gaby with you on Vivacious Wedding Blog.  Proposals are probably our favorite stories to share!  There are so much excitement and joy captured in that specific moment.  Talented, the UK based Wedding Photographer, Trillion Productions photographed this couple’s proposal.

What was supposed to be a “family photoshoot” at Broomfield Park Bandstand, Palmers Green was in actual fact a surprise proposal.  You should definitely read more about their proposal story below!  So romantic.  Their proposal had a bit of a change of plans from the original plan to propose in Vietnam.  Due to COVID, a Vietnam proposal was not possible.

Gaby’s mum helped Hemal with the decor and props, which we absolutely loved.  Her dad together with the help of Hemal’s family executed the proposal plans together.  Such a picture-perfect moment.  You will find tons of inspiration for your proposal or engagement shoot here.  Scroll down to enjoy the surprise proposal of Hemal and Gaby.

How long have you been dating before you got engaged?

8 years 😊 We met at Uni. Although we both took Economics we actually only ended up meeting properly through a mutual friend and eventually got closer through working on a piece of coursework together in our last semester. Or at least that was our excuse to talk every day. Soon after it was clear this was more than a friendship.

The Proposal:

Gabs thought she was going for a family photoshoot in the park (not unusual as her mum loves photos). As she arrived, she was sent to a bandstand on the lake where I was waiting. The inside of the bandstand is hidden by low hanging trees, so although she couldn’t see me right away, she could hear @violin.naomi playing Perfect by Ed Sheeran; a song that reminds me of her. After my speech, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. We shared an intimate moment, soaking in the setting, music and some bubbles. We then called both families who were hiding and very eagerly waiting to join in the celebrations.

Gaby: It was beautiful and more than what I could have asked for. He had thought about every little detail and even got @violin.noami to play some of my favorite Latin American salsa songs. @trilionpros were incredible, they were somehow present yet invisible making the whole thing super intimate and capturing the most precious moments. Having both families involved in the decorating and celebrations right after made it extra special; it felt like a union of two families. The next day Hems took me to @portlympnepark where we lodged amongst the stunning Rothschild giraffes (my favorite animal).

Proposal location:

Originally the proposal was supposed to be in Vietnam but COVID caused a slight change of plans! I’m keeping that location a secret as I hope to still take her there one day. After much deliberation and with so much ambiguity I decided to propose in the UK. I chose Broomfield Park as is a sentimental location for Gabs, she grew up nearby and spent many hours in that park. It is also a special place for me as we used to walk there together several years before I knew she was the one.

Engagement ring:

There is no way I would take the risk of picking out something that Gabs wouldn’t love. That would have been an expensive lapse of judgment! About a year before the proposal, Gabs and I had visited a number of jewelry boutiques to try on rings. After a few appointments, Gabs fell in love with “the one” and even after trying on loads more I could tell her heart was set on that one. After a few weeks of ring shopping, we parked the conversation.

It was then left in my hands to get the right diamond and make a final call on the ring. Ensuring it was a responsible diamond was very important for both of us. I went ahead with a Canadian diamond to guarantee the ethicality of it. The ring is a platinum twisted band with a halo setting. The main diamond sits above the halo so that it takes center stage. I wanted an element of surprise for the ring, so I made a few design tweaks that I was confident she’d love, and thankfully she did 😊

Decor for Engagement shoot:

I requested Gaby’s mum to help me design and decorate the bandstand as she has amazing taste and sense of design. Anyone who has ever been to her home would attest to that and she has done events before. We worked together to come up with the look and color scheme. Her dad is the man of execution and together with the help of my family brought our ideas to life.

The decorations came from several places, including Amazon, Dunelm, Hobbycraft, and a local florist. The flower vines and fairy lights that were wrapped around the bandstand were from Amazon – Prime is definitely a life saver. The quality was excellent. The giant candle holders are from Dunelm.

Given that all decorations are still perfect and turned out so beautifully, Gabs and her mum will be decorating future proposal settings too so feel free to reach out.

The perfect wedding:

No set date yet, partly driven by the uncertainties caused by Covid19, but we have already started (the extensive) venue searching. If we had to summarise in 3 words, a perfect wedding for us would be Fun, Memorable and Authentic. A day of celebration with all our loved ones where we would enjoy the celebrations with great drinks, food, music and more drinks! Of course, we would ideally hope for good weather.

We both love music and, with me being Indian and Gabs South American, having a big party that allows us to celebrate will be key! We’ve both been thinking about what the wedding venue should look like, what our budget will allow us to do and so on and a really good piece of advice we received is that no matter how the wedding turns out, what your guests will remember is how you made them feel! So, whilst we could stress over every detail what we really want to focus on is ensuring every guest feels welcomed, appreciated and special- that goes a long way!