Real Wedding Submission

Vivacious Wedding Blog is always looking for exciting fresh content to share with our readers.  If you know of a wedding that you think our readers should see and will be able to get inspiration from, we want to see it.  Read through our basic submission guidelines below.  We are super excited to see your wedding.


We want to give our readers something they haven’t seen before.  Therefore we ask that you please submit weddings that haven’t been featured in a magazine or blog before.  If it was shared by your photographer, wedding vendors or yourself that’s fine with us!  As long as it wasn’t featured by a magazine or blog.

What are we looking at?
  • Creativity and quality of the imagery.
  • Wedding Gown.
  • The couple shoot.
  • The venue and the decor used.
  • The Wedding Cake.
When will I know if my submission was approved?

If you haven’t heard from us within 2 weeks after submitting a feature, your submission was unsuccessful.  If your submission was approved, you will receive an e-mail with questions (for the couple) and image specifications (for the photographer).

Professional Images are important:

We only publish photographs taken by a professional photographer which you have the permission from to publish their work.  Send us a link to the photographs you would like to submit – Include Photographs of the Decor, Couple Photoshoot, Dress, Wedding Cake, Ceremony and Venue.

Submission form below

Who is submitting the wedding?

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